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Performance installation, LightNight Festival, Tel-Aviv,  December 2015. 

A square hole of 200x80x100cm in the ground is filled with one metric ton of wheat flour creating a white flat square. After the action, a video projection onto that square shows the filling of the hole. 

In Box happened in a public space in South Tel-Aviv. This poor area of this rich city, houses large parts of the cities population engaged in menial labour: cleaners, builders, sex workers, Uber drivers, drug dealers, etc., who sell the functionality of their bodies for the comfort and pleasure of the well-earning cosmopolitan Tel Avivian. 

The installation reverses a biblical verse and engages the idea of work embedded in it: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread”. Instead of sowing the wheat, the flour is buried. It creates a flat white square, a suprematist shape, that shows no indication of the amount of material under its surface. Only the looped video is a continuous reminder of the process of production. 

What happens when a fieldworker is replaced with a seeking-for-titles modern man?

IN BOX: Text
IN BOX: Gallery
IN BOX: Video
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