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Participatory installation Berlin 2019-2020. Recording of social behaviour through action mapping.  

Of the Table is inspired by the Greek symposium, elements from the Arabic meal event and the cultural practice of dining rituals. A long sheet of thin and delicate paper that can absorb small casual actions and solubles is placed on the ground.

Set up upon it is a constellation of three major substances: text (intellectual mass), food (the substance and its rituals), people (the generators).

The people invited are curated in connection to the subject, with ranging expertise and views. The food is chosen and prepared to engage with the topic and functions as material and stimulator.

The three substances — text, food and people — converge in the moment and their behaviour and spirit is imprinted on the paper. A smear of food, a wine that spills, a wrinkle tracing a movement — all is being recorded as the event runs its course and leaves us with a map, a memorial of an action. A stained sheet of paper is like the blood stain on the white dress. A symbol of an action. 

Commune without Commune (35m, 74p), Volkskundemuseum Wein 

To want to be a mother in the 21st Century (1.20m, 8p), Berlin

Passover(2.10m, 12p), Berlin

Six performance artists over the table/ Empty Future (1.40m,6p), Berlin 

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